Goods and services

Goods & Services

For 25 years we have been improving our experience in dealing with printing materials at our market. An importnat part of our job is to investigate the needs of our customers and find solutions for their satisfaction. Besides, we try to keep abreast of the tendencies and form most prefereble product range.

Ecotep offers you 12 categories of goods: UV-inks, UV-varnishes, adhesives, lacquers, book-binding materials, foils, offset printing inks, Tesa tapes, laminating films, CtP/CtCP plates, Isopropyl Alcohol, chemicals and reference materials.

The biggest cities in Ukraine – Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv – offer you optimized delivery from the local warehouses. In reference to the services offered – ink mixing is available in Lviv and foil slitting is available in Lviv and Kharkov.

See our product range and contact us to get more detailed information or make an offer!

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